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St Joseph's School, Banjul

​The charity is involved in sponsoring students from St Josephs School in Banjul. We have also renovated classrooms, provided books, sewing machines and sports equipment for the children and assisted in classrooms.

SOS Village, Bakoteh

The SOS Village, is a childrens orphanage where we have helped provide computers, books and equipment; renovate classrooms into sewing rooms, and painted the nursery walls. We've also worked with children in the kindergarten playing games and facepainting.

Youth Help Foundation

​The Youth Help Foundation for abandoned babies is an independant company not supported by the government. Over the past few years the project has helped to tidy the grounds, providing football nets for the younger children to play. We've have provided baby clothing, baby seats, toys, baby milk and mosquito nets for the cots. The foundation is in need of financial support to continue helping these abandoned babies find a loving family. In 2018, the project installed a sensory room for the babies to explore. Read more here

Local work

​The local villages are very poor and run down with fresh water very limited. we have raised money to provide schooling for local children, moscuito nets, medication, large sacks of rice, clothing and toys.


​We also enjoy the cultural activities and local entertainment with our Gambian friends



We recently visited a local settlement on the outskirts of Banjul, situated in a landfill site. We provided a new canoe boat for fishing. We also provided wind up lamps, and provide funding for a teenager to continue his education at college.

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