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Our aim is to provide education to all the children, to allow them to grow up educated, and better able to help themselves and their communities in later life.

These children are willing, and desparately want to be educated and they are very pleased when we are able to give them those opportunities


Many wonderful people in the UK already give time and money to help these children, and we would like you to join them in improving the education and standard of living for the children of The Gambia.


Imagine what it would be like never to have learned to read, write or do your sums. These things we take for granted but make a huge difference to our own lives, these children deserve the same opportunities.


If you would like to donate, it costs only 30p a day to send child to school, £2.00 a week, or £100 for a year, which provides each child's education, their school uniform, books and a meal at lunchtime, which maybe the only meal they get in a day.

You can donate using the PayPal option below.




Also. if you are a UK tax payer, you can complete a Gift Aid Declaration to allow is to make your money go even further. You can download a copy of the Gift Aid Declaration Form by pressing the blue button below. Once completed you can submit it using the form to the right.

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