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Youth Help Foundation Sensory Room

The Youth Help Foudnation in Bakoteh is a fantastic organisation which looks after abadoned babies and young childre. The project has supported Youth Help for a number of years with donations of milk power, clothes, cleaning supplies and more but we wanted to make an impact that would be felt all year round. Many of the babies that are at Youth Help had little interaction throughout the day and not much visual stimuls.

To help the babies at the Youth Help Foundation explore their environment, develop their own motor skills and provide them with some visual stimulus to enjoy, the project team embarked on clearing out and cleaning an underused room at the foundation so that it could be used as a sensory room.

Below you can see a number of pictures that were taken as the room was being cleared and made baby-friendly. The team then installed a number of toys and equipment in the room for the babies to look at and play with.

The room includes play mats, bars on the wall to encourage the children to stand, toys for them to play with. The decor of the room was given an uplift with some colourful decals and also some mobiles.

The sensory room was only made possible through the kind and generous donations of our supporters, not least Valerie Dunderdale. The team decorated the wall with a 'Tree of Life' which as you'll see in the photos below, bears  a plaque in memory of Valerie and with our thanks of the donation to support this fantastic project.

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